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Special round table podcast on social library trends and implementations

What's the social library market like in different regions around the continent? Which organizations are socializing their knowledge management strategies? What challenges and successes are they having?

These are some of the top questions on info pros' minds today, and we hosted a special round table podcast discussion last week to get the answers. We wanted to gain insight from a variety of perspectives, so joining us were Inmagic customers, partners, and employees.

The discussion covers the gamut of social technology, beginning with a conversation about the impact of consumer-centric social networking in the enterprise (think Facebook, blogs, wikis, etc.).

This taps into what we're seeing on the front lines every day. That is, many organizations understand the importance of social networking for collaboration, but they aren't clear on how the game changes when applying social strategies to content inside the firewall.

And that's exactly what we dive into in the discussion. Gathering 'round the fire were:

Jaye Lapachet, Manager of Library Services for Coblentz, Patch, Duffy and Bass LLP, San Francisco. Having worked in information management for law firms of all sizes, Jaye offers her perspective on where confusion lies when it comes to using social tools in the enterprise setting, and the biggest benefits to be gained from socializing your knowledge repository. She's currently using Inmagic products.

Peter Tyrrell, Director and CTO of Andornot. Peter is schooled in library and information science and skilled in programming and application design. He provides a technical viewpoint when we talk about adoption and inside-the-firewall implementation of social knowledge management solutions. Andornot is an Inmagic partner based in Vancouver, Canada.

Natalie Munn, Principal of Content Innovations. Natalie has spent 15 years working with information systems in corporate and academic libraries and museums. She gives us an overview of the IS market from her perch in San Francisco, and the challenges and successes she's seeing with customers. Content Innovations is also an Inmagic partner.

Phil Green, CTO of Inmagic. A man who needs no introduction if you're a loyal blog reader! Phil has led the technical development of Inmagic's products over the past two decades, and shares his observations of the social library market, the needs that customers are voicing to him, and how Presto is helping address them. Inmagic is based in Woburn, Mass.

So pull up a seat and lend us an ear to learn more about what's driving today's social library and knowledge management market, and how you can take advantage of technologies to make your organization more collaborative and productive.

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