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Strong turnout for yesterday's Socializing Your Knowledge Repository webinar

We had another great turnout for yesterday's webinar, Five Steps to Socializing Your Knowledge Repository. Over 400 pairs of eyeballs were watching. I think it's a strong indicator of the industry's level of interest and engagement in social knowledge management. Folks are showing they want to learn how to go from just the idea of social knowledge management, to actually using it in their organization.

We sprinkled some insightful polling questions throughout the presentation too. We're pulling those questions and results together, and will be sharing them on the blog soon.

If you missed the webinar, it will be available in the next day or two for download on KMWorld's Web site. It'll be archived there for about 90 days.

Thank you to KMWorld and The Gilbane Group for joining us in creating and conducting the webinar, and thank you to all who attended!

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