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Webinar poll 1: Two-thirds of organizations use SharePoint for KM

We have some interesting data to share with you from our recent webinar, Five Steps to Socializing Your Knowledge Repository. If you attended, you know we asked three polling questions during the presentation, and talked briefly about the results at that time.

But we wanted to share the results far and wide, and also give attendees the chance to review them again, because I think we have some insightful information here on the state of the industry.

I'm no research expert, but we did seem to have a good polling sample. We had 400-some-odd attendees from around the country, working in some type of KM/CM/IT role. They answered these three questions:
  • What technologies are currently used in your organization to address KM challenges?

  • What role do social technologies play in your organization's KM strategy?

  • Where would social knowledge networks provide the most value to your organization?
Results of the first poll can be seen in the graph above. (Click it to enlarge.) SharePoint is clearly way ahead of the other technologies, with 67 percent of organizations using it. Following SharePoint is library, archiving, and cataloging systems at 43 percent; ECM systems at 38 percent; enterprise search at 32 percent; and digital asset management systems at 12 percent. And then of course, there is the omnipresent "other" category at 19 percent.

I'd be interested to learn more about the other tools you're using, in fact. What's your organization using that we're not mentioning? Also, in general, what are your thoughts on these results? Seem accurate? What conclusions would you draw?

We'll post the two remaining poll results shortly!

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