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Webinar poll 3: Nearly all companies agree SKNs would increase productivity

Wrapping up our poll results from our Five Steps to Socializing Your Knowledge Repository webinar is question No. 3: Where would social knowledge networks (SKNs) provide the most value to your organization? (Click image to enlarge.)

Nearly everyone (90 percent) reports that SKNs would increase collaboration and productivity. This is a topic we've talked extensively about on the blog, most recently with our How to Cost Justify Your Social Knowledge Network Needs series. Revisit the series to refresh yourself on the stats we present for how SKNs can cost effectively boost productivity among employees and the organization as a whole.

Another major value-add companies see in SKNs is knowledge capital retention (67 percent). Following this are enhancing ROI/content value (37 percent); addressing critical business challenges (35 percent); and increasing revenue and reducing expenses (26 percent).

It's clear that companies see real value in social knowledge networks, and that SKNs have the ability to help them address common business challenges. What do you make of the results? Where do see the most value in social knowledge networks? And equally important, where do you see weaknesses?

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