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What Presto has to do with Pink Panther insulation

You're probably familiar with the home insulation with the Pink Panther on it. You might have it up in your attic right now. It's made by Owens Corning, a market-leading innovator of glass fiber technology. As a $5.8 billion innovator, much research and development goes into its product line of building materials and glass fiber reinforcements.

You can probably imagine what it would take to manage all of those research documents, and keep them organized, searchable, and referenceable. If you're imaging it's Presto, you're right. Owens Corning uses Presto to manage its knowledge repository and share research data with scientists around the globe.

The full story of Owens Corning's Presto implementation is covered in this case study we put together. Read on to learn more about what Owens Corning was looking for in a KM solution, why it chose Presto, and where it's taken them today -- besides your attic!

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