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Company video from our SLA 2009 booth

SLA 2009 has come to a close, and now that we're back at our desks, we'll be sharing our thoughts on how the show went, and rolling out our SLA coverage on the blog. We have podcast interviews with attendees, customers, and partners; pics from around the show; and video of the goings on.

I wanted to start by sharing something from our booth. Maybe you saw it if you stopped by. We had a computer set up with a looping video about our company. You can watch it here or click the image above. It gives you a brief overview of our background, who are customers are, and screencaps of our products -- Presto, Presto for Social Libraries, and DB/Text Library Suite. It's just a few minutes. Enjoy!

(P.S. -- Since we're focusing on SLA coverage right now, we're pausing our Social Libraries 101 series. We'll pick it back up once the bulk of our SLA coverage is posted.)

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