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Enterprise 2.0 companies sharing SharePoint positioning

(We're digressing from our SLA coverage today -- but fear not, more to come!)

Phil brought up the SharePoint-enterprise 2.0 topic today, and I wanted to add to the discussion. I attended a SharePoint session on Tuesday at the Enterprise 2.0 conference, and picked up some interesting tidbits. And as a marketer, one of the biggest takeaways that caught my attention is that almost all vendors are using the same arguments, pros and cons, relative to SharePoint positioning.

It seems successful companies will differentiate on how their applications not only add value to/leverage the SharePoint infrastructure, but also how they leverage business activities like:

- Communications and branding.

- Collaboration and the ability to collaborate seamlessly with other people and content.

- Findability of content and people. Taxonomy and meta data strategy is critical.

- Crowdsourcing to find helpful information and ideas.

- Knowledge networks, and the ability to capture fleeting and tacit knowledge and connect it within systems.

I think any deep functionality to address these business activities requires a specialized application or platform, priming the market for the entrance of other enterprise 2.0 providers, which Phil talked about.

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