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Frenemies among us: Microsoft SharePoint vs. enterprise 2.0 start-ups

When it comes to the enterprise 2.0 market, Microsoft SharePoint is the elephant in the room, as we've said before. And there’s no denying SharePoint’s footprint across the enterprise. The recent webinar poll we conducted with KMWorld Magazine alone revealed that 68 percent of respondents are SharePoint houses (although not all of those are enterprise-wide).

There are of course other players in the enterprise 2.0 market. And as C.G. Lynch puts forth in his recent CIO article, "a day of reckoning" might have arrived. He discusses how we've perhaps reached a point where enterprise 2.0 start-ups have the opportunity to stake a new claim, and seize some of Microsoft's market share. Click over to get the scoop.

However, a driving factor behind the SharePoint vs. enterprise 2.0 start-up land-grab is, as it always seems to be these days, the economy. Why? Because SharePoint development is shown to be more costly than other types of development and can create many SharePoint sites, which can equate to even more disconnected information silos.

This makes me think that SharePoint and enterprise 2.0 start-ups will maintain a "frenemy" status -- a wary acceptance and reluctant willingness to work together in the enterprise social software space.

SharePoint is already too entrenched to be ousted. But at a time when budgets are tight and workforce resources are reduced, decisions will lean towards cost-effective, out-of-the-box, easy-to-deploy and maintain solutions that complement, rather than compete with SharePoint. Prime example is Presto 3.1, and the new features we've added to increase Presto's compatibility with SharePoint.

The upside for start-ups is that the economy presents an opportunity to entrench themselves in areas that might not otherwise be penetrated, and prove themselves irreplaceable when things turn around.

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