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Gil Yehuda: Trends to watch in enterprise 2.0 and special libraries

What major trends should info pros and special librarians be watching right now? According to Gil Yehuda, one of them is the "context is king" idea. While content is valuable, context surrounding it is vital to unlocking that value.

Gil unravels this trend and more in our podcast. Gil is an enterprise 2.0 analyst and collaboration consultant. He's a former Forrester senior analyst, where he covered the enterprise 2.0 space. He focused on the vendor side -- who is providing technologies and services -- and customer side -- who's buying these products and why. Gil also blogs at Gil Yehuda's Enterprise 2.0 Blog, and tweets @gyehuda.

In our podcast, learn what trends he's watching, and what trends he thinks info pros should be watching too. Listen as he explains how the role of knowledge managers is changing with these trends.

Gil also clues us in on his major findings from his recent time at Forrester -- how enterprise 2.0 is interrelated with KM, CRM, DM, and more; and how this has created a complex and diverse marketplace, one with many different companies that have many different needs. But complexity isn't necessarily bad, and Gil explains how we can progress because of it.

Click play, sit back, and enjoy our latest podcast.

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