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New SharePoint compatibility comes to Presto

If you've been waiting to here more about Presto's compatibility with Microsoft SharePoint, this announcement from SLA 2009 deserves a drum roll. Bruuuuuuuuumppppp!

While Presto 3.0 has always been compatible with SharePoint, we've introduced a new version of Presto today (version 3.1) that's even more interoperable with SharePoint. We've also put together a couple documents (an integration paper and positioning paper) you can read which flesh out these compatibility features. They explain how companies can use the tools together to leverage both investments, and gain a highly cost-effective knowledge repository.

Because after all, many, if not most, companies are already using SharePoint for their knowledge management strategy. We've made Presto 3.1 so you don't have to necessarily throw away SharePoint, but rather, enhance it by adding features and capabilities of Presto that aren't available in Microsoft's platform. Of course, you can also use Presto as a stand-alone social knowledge network solution.

More on this can be found in the release we issued today. Check it out below to learn about the new bells and whistles.

Inmagic Launches Presto 3.1 with Microsoft SharePoint Compatibility

Latest release is the first Social Knowledge Management platform to integrate SharePoint capabilities -- cost-effectively leveraging enterprise knowledge repositories and resources

WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Inmagic today introduced Inmagic® Presto 3.1, the latest version of the company’s Social Knowledge Management platform with new Microsoft® SharePoint® interoperability capabilities. The compatibility allows users to augment and leverage existing infrastructure and technology investments -- extracting additional value from systems already in place, without compromising access to content or straining time, budget, or human resources. Other new benefits in Presto 3.1 include improved collaboration, information discovery, and content management functionalities driven by customer and market demand.

"At MRA -- The Management Association -- we are focused on delivering outstanding and cost-effective services to our members," says George Blomgren, Director of Business Systems for MRA. "We chose Presto as the platform on which to make available tools, templates, and information to our members because of its robustness and ease-of-use. The Inmagic team is as attuned to customer service as we are, and truly served as a partner in this project. Members indicate that the tool is providing the value we had envisioned, thus helping us to fulfill our mission of member success."

As organizations increasingly turn to SharePoint for content management infrastructure needs, they are faced with the question of how to extract the most value from their investments. The new interoperability capabilities of Presto 3.1, which include SharePoint-compatible Web Parts and a new Web Services API, allow Presto 3.1 to easily integrate into an existing SharePoint environment or other ASP.NET infrastructure.

“Customers are looking for synergies between widespread infrastructural technology and solutions focused on solving specific business problems, without large internal development costs,” says Phil Green, CTO of Inmagic. “With Inmagic Presto 3.1, companies can enhance their SharePoint environment with a cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution suited to their needs. They can create internal, secure knowledge communities around enterprise content, with sophisticated social, search, security, and library workflow capabilities not found in SharePoint. The use of Web Parts, Presto, and SharePoint together can deliver tremendous value to an organization’s bottom line.”

Presto 3.1 uses Web Parts technology that allows the search parts on the Presto homepage to be embedded and used in a SharePoint deployment. A new Web Services API lets SharePoint communicate with Presto to create, replace, update, and delete records seamlessly. SharePoint often contributes to the creation of disconnected information silos. Now, Presto can be used to bring these silos together, in one location, with a single access portal and search. Presto also complements SharePoint’s social functionality with “content centric” social capabilities that are fully searchable and indexable, with built-in controls that can both enable and disable social features for specific user groups.

“We are looking forward to Presto 3.1 with great anticipation,” says Michael Payne, City Archivist at the City of Edmonton. “Its enhanced search capabilities; simplified log-on; and advanced authentication, security, and networking features will make it simpler to post new material to the Web, interact with our archives users, and manage our catalog database and Web site even more effectively.”

Other major new benefits of Presto 3.1 include:
  • Enhanced interoperability with existing IT investments
  • Improved collaboration through enhanced social capabilities
  • Faster information discovery for improved individual and organizational productivity
  • Improved content quality and access
These updates improve information richness, quality, and discoverability across the enterprise. Presto adds significant value to any organization, either as an augmentation to an existing SharePoint implementation or as a stand-alone solution. More information on how Presto 3.1 complements SharePoint technology, as well as details on the new feature set, can be found at:
Inmagic Presto 3.1 will be generally available in Q3 of 2009.


Inmagic, Inc. has been the industry leader in knowledge management and library automation applications for over 25 years. Today, Inmagic is at the forefront of the move to new generation knowledge management, creating Social Knowledge Networks that combine top-down, vetted information with bottom-up, social “wisdom of the community” to address critical research and business objectives. Over 5,000 companies in 100 countries use Inmagic solutions, including Inmagic© Presto, Inmagic© Presto for Social Libraries, and the DB/Text product family, to gain unprecedented insight into customers, markets, competitors, research, intellectual properties, and more. Find out how much your organization really knows. Visit Inmagic at

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