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SLA 2009 fever: Tying up loose ends for the show

This Sunday brings the first day of the SLA 2009 conference, and we've been busy this week finalizing our materials and presentations for the show. The final shipment of materials is heading out the door this afternoon, in fact. And the team just finished a final pre-show prep session. Imagine what it's like for actors right before they go on stage to do a big performance. That pretty much sums up the excitement level here.

Everyone's looking forward to SLA 2009 -- sales, management, marketing, and development. All of their hard work is contributing the success of the show (well, fingers crossed, of course!). And we're thrilled to hear about the strong attendance numbers for this years' event.

A number of our customers have let us know they're planning on stopping by our booth (#1151), where they will get the first glimpse of our updated Presto platform, version 3.1. Our new CEO, Ron Matros, will make his first public debut as an Inmagic'er at the show. And don't forget we'll have magician Josh Norris at our booth, and we'll be giving away three Kindle 2s!

Once the show comes to pause on Sunday evening, we'll be hosting the SLA KM Division Reception, free to all SLA attendees. More details on that can be found in our previous post. And on Tuesday, we'll be throwing our customer reception party, for all Inmagic customers. It's also a free event. More info on the reception can found in our prior post.

The SLA conference continues to be a major initiative for Inmagic, and we're proud to be exhibiting and sponsoring events there. If you haven't registered yet, you can still do so on SLA's Web site.

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