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Overcoming obstacles to enterprise 2.0 (Is ROI the biggest bump in the road?)

The jury might still be out on the total impact of enterprise 2.0, but we've reached a stage where we can at least identify some of the major obstacles in the way of achieving it. Dion Hinchcliffe took a crack at it, and put together his list of 10 issues in adopting social computing in the enterprise, which you can peruse on ZDNet.

Dion writes, "... the question still remains whether it [social media] can directly drive fundamental, bottom line performance in the average organization today." Depending on how far you go back, the same can be said of instant messaging, Web sites, e-mail, personal computers, fax machines, PR, and marketing.

And if we look at the average organization, you can bet that all of the above are critical to the fundamental performance. The debate over social media ROI will go on until one day we wake up and realize that while it might be hard to quantify, we know we can't do without it. Don't get me wrong, enterprises should quantify wherever possible. ROI often acts as a built-in motivator that holds people, technology, and processes accountable. But organizations that are strictly tied to ROI-driven performance can often lose sight of the forest through the trees.

By the way, this is something we explored more this week we when interviewed David Meerman Scott, a marketing strategist, keynote speaker, and author. (He wrote the BusinessWeek best-selling book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR.) Our podcast with him is in production, and we'll be posting that on the blog early next week. I won't steal his thunder, but David went on a very interesting and passionate discourse about the importance and value of ROI in social media.

Anyway, a few specific issues on Dion's list also resonated with me, so click over to his article and then my comment to get the full scoop.

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