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Truths and myths of social knowledge management

As buzz around enterprise 2.0 and other social technologies abound, info pros might be left wondering what social knowledge management (SKM) is, and what it is not. I've found that there are five key ideas circulating about social knowledge management, some of which I think are true, and some of which are myths.

What's what in SKM? I explain in this piece I wrote for KMWorld, who has graciously published it online today. Thanks to the editors!

Click over to find out which of these ideas are facts, which are fiction, and why:
  1. Is SKM is different from social networking? (Hint: It’s not a social free-for-all.)
  2. Does ECM + blogs, ratings, and comments = SKM?
  3. Does SKM fall into traditional content management buckets?
  4. Is SharePoint SKM?
  5. Does SKM provide considerable, quantifiable ROI?

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