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Australia's Industry Skills Council powers up with Presto

If you're not an Aussie, you might not be familiar with Australia's Industry Skills Council (ISC). It's a consortium of 11 federally funded councils, each of which work with a certain industry sector, such as agriculture or manufacturing.

The councils collect and provide the Department of Education industry intelligence on current and future skill needs and training requirements. In turn, the councils provide vocational education and training to industry workers to help keep their skills relevant to industry needs.

As you might imagine, ISCs are information brokers between businesses and the government, and they need some type of system to effectively manage their training materials and educational resources. One council, the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC), started using Presto to handle the job. An article covering their story came out in the latest issue of Image and Data Manager.

TLISC worked with our partner Maxus Australia to create the Transportation Education eLibrary using Presto. The eLibrary is a private Web site that houses the council's various training reports and documents. Hundreds of doc's, pdf's, ppt's, and links are classified in Presto through browsable taxonomies. The advanced search features are saving the organization a great deal of time finding and sharing content, and other functionalities are proving to be the "right fit" for the small non-profit.

You read more details of how TLISC is using Presto and why they like it by clicking over the article.

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