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Enterprise 2.0: First learn stand, then learn fly

It seems there are always non-believers when it comes to just about any new trend/idea/technology. Dennis Howlett has come out as the Enterprise 2.0 non-believer, in his post on ZDNet, "Enterprise 2.0. What a Crock."

But like I said in my comment, the number of articles/tweets/blogs on Enterprise 2.0 and E2.0 adoption only verifies its importance. And based on the other comments to Howlett's post, I think we can agree that he's is stirring the pot. And maybe we need a little pot-stirring. It is easy to contemplate E2.0 through rose-colored glasses without stopping to truly contemplate how to get there. Where is "there?" Gil Yehuda sums it up nicely in his response to the article:

"… I don't believe 'Enterprise 2.0' is a solution, I believe it is a description ... Enterprise 2.0 describes a transformed organization. If your organization uses social computing technology and that has transformed your organization's nature -- then describe that as a new kind of organization -- one that has been inspired by the analogous change that we see in the Web."

If there was an E2.0 adoption pill, there'd be a heck of a market for it. We want what we want, and we want it now. Unfortunately, something as wide-sweeping as E2.0 isn't going to happen overnight, and it isn't going to happen without push-back. It will happen in fits and starts, in successes and failures. In the meantime, the debate will continue and the theories will fly. At the very least, it keeps us all thinking about the possibilities and limitations of E2.0, and where our organization might fit into the mix.

As Mr. Miyagi says, patience Daniel-san. First learn stand, then learn fly.

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