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SharePoint: Pain or pleasure?

It's well-documented that SharePoint is used by many organizations. A recent IDG Research study found 53 percent of surveyed CIOs are using SharePoint enterprise wide. And we found 67 percent of info pros are using SharePoint for knowledge management in a webinar we did with KMWorld and The Gilbane Group.

But more interesting, however, is this finding from the IDG Research study: Fifty-five percent of respondents reported that SharePoint challenges are impacting their business. Barb Mosher breaks down some of the biggest reasons behind this in an article on CMSWire. Some of the reasons she cites are that SharePoint sites become information silos, and costs to manage the environment can be high.

It's clear many organizations are turning to SharePoint, and why not? The platform has many features that work well for content management infrastructure needs. But just like any software product, it can't be everything to everyone. That's where complementary technologies come into play to help organizations refine their KM system and extract the most value from their investments.

For instance, we added new SharePoint interoperability features to the latest version of Presto. The SharePoint-compatible Web Parts and a new Web Services API allow Presto 3.1 to easily integrate into an existing SharePoint environment or other ASP.NET infrastructure. You can create internal, secure knowledge communities around enterprise content, with sophisticated social, search, security, and library workflow capabilities not found in SharePoint.

But while industry studies such as these influence technologists' product development, it's not the only information to consider. Customer and end user feedback is invaluable. So I wanted to pose the question, are the findings from this study in line with what you're experiencing at your organization? Are our conclusions on target, or is there something else we should be paying attention to?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. There is a proliferation of vendors coming to the market with value add to Sharepoint. My view is sharepoint has the potential to be the de-facto platform upon which to build business interfaces. It is not the end game, just the start line. Presto and other applications that play 'nicely' with sharepoint is the goal to meet the needs of the business. Peter Smee, Trimagic Software, Australia

Mike Cassettari said...

I agree, Peter. Your thoughts are definitely in line with our perceptions and observations. Thank you for the comment!


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