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Web 2.0 evangelists, try the 2.0 Adoption Council on for size

Calling all Web 2.0 evangelists and gurus! If you work for a company with over 10,000 employees and your job focuses on bringing 2.0 technology to the enterprise, you might want to consider joining the 2.0 Adoption Council. It's a global group of 2.0 early adopters and managers who are charting the course for 2.0 in the enterprise. They share what's working for them, what's not, what's worth their time, and what's hype, as we all figure out how use social technology for business.

The 2.0 Adoption Council was formed in June of 2009 by Susan Scrupski, founder of SoCo Partners. Membership is free. The council has a few projects in the hopper that you could be a part of, including research and white papers on 2.0, and selecting an Internal Evangelist of the Year that will be announced at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, Nov. 2-5.

Every week, the council does Demo Thursday, where they conduct product reviews of enterprise 2.0 and social media tools. Presto was reviewed a couple weeks ago.

You can become a fan of the 2.0 Adoption Council on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @20Adoption. You can also read more about the group on their Web site.

To join the 2.0 Adoption Council, send an inquiry on LinkedIn.

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