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Where opportunity lies with social libraries

Some concluding thoughts to wrap up our Social Libraries 101 series. For an easy way to read the whole series, click the Social Libraries 101 label, and read bottom up.

I wanted to close by saying, social libraries represent a significant opportunity to preserve knowledge assets and enhance the value of information. As people holding information retire or become more transient and geographically distributed, there is an increased need to capture their knowledge while they're at your organization. We need a central organizing element, that is, a community, to capture and share information.

Social libraries can do this. The contribution and transfer of knowledge can be managed seamlessly and continuously, and everybody plays a role in making the information richer. While users contribute to the relevance and quantity of information, the social librarian is moderating input to ensure information quality is maintained.

A well-oiled social library can improve organizational productivity, leading to better performance through increased knowledge sharing, faster project turnaround, and better use of resources. And, (wait for it, wait for it ... ) with our economic outlook uncertain, those benefits can look mighty good.

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