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Around the horn with Trimagic's Peter Smee: special library tech, Web 2.0 trends, and more

Trimagic is one of our longest standing partners. They hail from Sydney, Australia, and have been selling Inmagic products and other information management solutions to Australian and international businesses since 1984. It puts them in a unique position to be able to reflect on market changes, and assess where we stand today. And to do that, we enlisted Trimagic's Chief Solutions Architect, Peter Smee.

Our podcasting team interviewed Peter to talk about the state of the special library market down under, what major trends he's seeing, and what organizations are most interested in Inmagic products. He gives us insight into Trimagic's approach to client service and development of customized information and knowledge management solutions.

The conversation also turned personal, and we learned about what makes Peter tick when he comes to work each day, what sport you can find him playing when he's away from the office, and what music he's playing off the field.

Listen in below, and stay updated on Trimagic and their offerings by visiting their Web site and blog.

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