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How social knowlege networks let you work out loud

"Working out loud" is the best description of what enterprise 2.0 is all about. And I'm sort of writing out loud right now as I think about it, because the idea struck me while I was at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference earlier this year, and I've been meaning to blog it.

Twitter is a great example of working out loud. It allows others to tap into your expertise and lets you tap into the expertise of others. E2.0 is an exercise in symbiosis, where both individuals derive a benefit from the relationship. If you've ever worked in teams in math or a science lab, the key was to show your work so others could help you, and vice versa. In the end, E2.0 is a classic exercise of the sum being greater than the whole of its parts.

I think social knowledge networks embrace the concept of working out loud in the enterprise. There are just too many restrictions, regulations, and constraints within most organizations to allow a social free-for-all, or a Wikipedia-like environment where anyone can deem themselves an expert and update content. This has been the bane of existence for many social strategies.

SKNs, on the other hand, mitigate the free-for-all and allow a designated administrator to provide control over who, when, what, and how contributions are made to the SKN. This allows individuals to work out loud within the constraints of their organization's culture and processes. As a result, content and information retains its veracity and value, which keeps users and contributors coming back for more.

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