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Latest McKinsey research validates social knowledge network use

McKinsey, a leading organizational consulting firm, released a study last week about how companies are using and benefiting from Web 2.0. You can read their findings on their Web site and analysis on their blog. Jon Husband also posted his take on The AppGap, pulling out this quote from the study:
The largest components of growth have come from using Web 2.0 to develop new products / services internally, to manage internal knowledge and to reinforce the company culture via tools such as internal social networking applications. The companies who have embedded these tools in their day-to-day activities and processes have seen the largest impact by improving communication across silos to reduce duplicate work and leverage experts in other areas.
Sounds familiar, eh? It is written from the same playbook as Inmagic Social Knowledge Networks (SKNs). The role of the SKN goes a step further, however, by uniting traditional content management systems (CMS), or content-producers, to newer social networking applications, which tend to be people-to-people focused. By providing access to diverse, vetted content that is enriched by the wisdom of the community, SKNs are contributing to the jump in the use of Web 2.0 technologies by employees for internal purposes. (Sixty-five percent today, compared to 53 percent in 2007.)

The report also states that expertise in the use of Web 2.0 technologies is becoming a required skill for all enterprises. And sounds like music to all of our ears. ;)

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