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Chris Jones' takeaways on learning and collaboration from latest Inmagic user group meeting

If you couldn't make it to our last user group meeting in North Carolina, you have another chance to get the scoop. Our guest speaker, Chris Jones from SourcePOV, has shared his takeaways from the meeting and slides from his presentation on his blog.

Here are few takeaways I found interesting:
  1. People produce knowledge, not process or technology; as ‘knowledge workers,’ they do this by applying context to raw information; metadata (via tagging) continues to be a primary means

  2. Due to the flood of electronic content, the workload of knowledge workers is ever increasing

  3. Social media is unlocking many doors to knowledge worker collaboration, but proliferation of niche SM tools remains a challenge; vendors are making headway as they work toward the needed integration, a key factor in Enterprise 2.0 enablement

  4. Learning and innovation share common threads (discovery, visualization, vetting of alternative solutions), prompting the question: Are ‘learning’ and ‘innovation’ really the same thing? Or perhaps driven from the same cognitive skill base?
You can read the rest on his blog. Thanks again, Chris, for speaking and sharing your insights!

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