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The right E2.0 strategy for your organization

We've talked before about how E2.0 is not just about the technology. It's not just about the culture either. And it is not just about you, or your boss, your customer, and the guy you worked with three years ago that made it big. It's about all of these elements combined.

Dennis Stevenson wrote about the "Fundamentals of Enterprise 2.0 Culture" in a recent post on the Original Thinking blog. He is correct when he says that culture and technology are not mutually exclusive entities when it comes to E2.0 adoption and use. But I disagree that one (culture) is more important than the other (technology). They are equal and necessary requirements to a successful E2.0 initiative.

For instance, some companies might be open to cultural diversity and change, which can help E2.0 flourish. But the company also needs the appropriate social technology so that it can take advantage of that culture and use it to realize business benefits of E2.0.

The social technologies that get it right will be chameleon-like in their ability to fit into any given organization's structure and culture -- whether their social boundaries are high, low, or somewhere in between. These technologies will also be adjustable, as companies figure out the right balance of social for their enterprise. Companies should be able "dial up" and "dial down" social controls as they see fit. At the end of the day, the right E2.0 recipe will be different for everyone based on these factors.

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