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E2.0 not about technology???

E2.0 not about technology? Really? I keep seeing this phrase echo across the E2.0 (enterprise 2.0) landscape lately, and I'm not sure of it's origin. This tech backlash could be in part due to the crowded social-technology playing field that is making a lot of noise right now. Or it could be just technology nay-sayers that have been burned in the past (and who hasn't?).

But if it's not about technology, then how does one plan to collaborate? Smoke signals? Vulcan mind melds? It can't not be about technology, just like it can't not be about culture, or executive influence, or probably 100 other factors that directly and indirectly shape an organization's social knowledge management strategy.

My take from all this requires a certain clarification: E2.0 is not about some technologies. There are certainly companies claiming "social technology" capabilities that in actuality do not resemble anything close to social -- or technological for that matter. But there are definitely players, new and old, that will emerge as key drivers in the E2.0 evolution. Our job, as end-users, buyers, vendors, evangelists, or (insert relevant title here), is to vet out the technologies that best play to our own (or our customers') organizations strengths.

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