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Inmagic and Maxus Australia give Ecuadorian school library a fresh start with DB/Text Works

Jini Andrade, a librarian at a special education school in Quito, Ecuador, finally has a way to organize and catalog the 10,866 books in the school library. She's using DB/Text, which we recently donated to the school with our partner, Maxus Australia. Maxus put together a case study covering the story.

As you might imagine, the school, Ninos De Maria, Fundacion Padre Jose Kentenich, has very limited resources, and had been operating its library without any form of cataloging whatsoever. Then Sue Hodgson, recently a librarian at Resolute Mining in Perth, West Australia, traveled to Quito to do volunteer work through the organization Antipodeans Abroad. Her assignment was to work with Jini for four weeks.

Sue had used DB/TextWorks in the past and "always found it one of the most useful and intuitive library software packages around." So when she saw the piles upon piles of books strewn about the school library floor, she immediately saw how DB/Text Works would be ideal for organizing and cataloging the books.

Sue used the program to create a simple organizational structure for the library comprising nine subject areas, including Reference, Fiction, History, Language, Mathematics, Science, Arts, Religion, and English. Color coding is being used to classify subheadings.

Jini has degrees in teaching and English, computer skills, and access to a PC with Windows 2000. She has no library background. But when Sue taught her how she would catalog the books using the DB/Text Works system, she found it easy to learn.

Although Sue's volunteer assignment is over, she has given Jini the technology and knowledge to finish cataloging all of the books in the library. Other teachers at the school will be helping Jini.

Sue sent this message to Maxus after her assignment with Jini was completed:
"Your generous donation is so appreciated you cannot imagine the excitement it has generated. It will in the long term make life in the library so much more functional. It will mean being able to lend books, which is currently not allowed. I have found the project very rewarding and believe I am going to be leaving Jini with some skills and confidence to complete the project."
I think I speak for both Maxus and us here at Inmagic when I say we're so delighted to hear about the happy ending. Best wishes to the school, its staff, and the children!

For more details and photos from the project, click over Maxus's case study.

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