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Presenting our Know and Go series: Bite-sized information to help you start and improve your social knowledge management strategy

We've put together a new educational resource to help organizations begin, plan, manage, and improve their social knowledge management strategies. Our "Know and Go" series is designed to give you the latest information on the trends and topics that will help shape your organization's social knowledge management strategy, all in a “bite-sized” format consisting of webcasts, videos, white papers, and more.

The best part is, they're on demand. Grab them whenever you need guidance. We made them for quick, easy viewing and sharing. And as an aside, this program will be launched officially in a few weeks. But we wanted to give our blog readers advanced notice of our first webcast. (Perks of being part of the Inmagic community! :))

Chris Brown, Content and Knowledge Management Consultant for Inmagic, hosts "Knowledge Management 2.0: Enterprise Social Networking and Social Knowledge Management." In this webcast, Chris covers best practices for socializing your organization's content.

New enterprise social networking technologies are beginning to gain adoption. But before you know what solution will fit your organization's needs -- or if your organization is even ready for this kind of technology -- you'll need to answer crucial questions, including:
  • Will your knowledge management needs be properly addressed by simply connecting people to people? Or do you need to connect people to the information and content that will help them -- and your organization -- become more effective?
  • Can you wait for your social network to reach critical mass before you realize value and organizational impact?
  • What role should social media play in your overall content and knowledge management strategy?
Chris provides answers and insight for these questions and more. More Know and Go sessions are in the works, and we’ll have a subscription link for you soon. In the meantime, check out the first installment and let us know what you think.


Roger Greenhalgh said...

Please note that the sign-up link on this page currently fails, with the message "NetSuite - Invalid page parameter. Unable to view page."

Leah Barrett Demers said...

Thanks Roger, we apologize for the issue. This was a universal NetSuite problem. Everything has been corrected and the webcast can now be viewed.


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