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SourcePOV's Chris Jones: Enterprise 2.0's biggest barrier is culture

If you're considering or exploring enterprise 2.0 or social KM strategies at your company, you might have recognized a key barrier to entry: your organizational culture. Maybe your company doesn't value or understand the business benefits of social collaboration. Maybe executive management doesn't support it. Whatever the reason(s), many of them are influenced by corporate culture.

You're not alone. It's something Chris Jones, Consulting Principal of SourcePOV, sees often in his work. He talked about it more during a podcast with Janelle, which you can listen to above.

Chris focuses significant energy in collaboration services, a new approach he's developed for tackling knowledge management. You might recall that he presented at our user group meeting a couple weeks ago. In the podcast, he touches on some of the same themes that he covered in his presentation, "Imagine: A Knowledge Renaissance," with focus on forces impacting KM in today's organizations.

Janelle talks with Chris about the major trends he's following in KM. Chris discusses how he sees many organizations still rely on the "silo model" where enterprise knowledge is compartmentalized by departments or practice areas. Enterprise 2.0, however, has the ability to unlock these silos, allowing insight to be shared across organizational boundaries. Chris emphasizes the importance of creating a culture that values collaboration, and shared some advice for building that.

But he says culture isn't the only challenge facing knowledge workers. Another is information overload resulting from a flood of new resources made visible by social media. He sees this as a short-term challenge that can be addressed by knowledge workers taking steps to better index information. He says it's a question of establishing context, and that organizations need to focus on it.

"Establishing context has always been the mission and promise of KM," he says. "Now, more than ever, we need to get the job done."

Long-term, Chris sees holistic collaboration environments where all levels of the organization are involved in building the enterprise knowledgebase. Although he sees E2.0 as a corporate game changer, it will take some time before its effects will fully play out.

For more from Chris, you can read his blog at Driving Innovation in a Digital World. Chris also hosts three Twitter chats, that drive engagement and new insight on the themes above, including #e20ws, #smchat, and #ecosys. You can learn more about each and when they're happening at his blog. You can also follow Chris on Twitter @SourcePOV.

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