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The global workforce continues to emerge: Inmagic Year in Review 2009

Another trend worth noting for our Year in Review is that organizational structures continue to take on many new forms. Workforces are becoming increasing globalized, teams are becoming dispersed, and hours are irregular. Remote working has also become increasingly prevalent. As much as 10 percent of today’s workforce telecommutes, over triple the level of 2000, according to a Northeastern University and IBM study.

A major implication of this is that team collaboration will become increasingly crucial to business operations. Organizations need new ways to efficiently communicate and share knowledge across departments, offices, and borders.

Solutions also need to be cost-effective. With budgets tight and resources reduced, decisions will lean towards cost-effective, out-of-the-box, easy-to-deploy and maintain solutions that leverage existing content management and enterprise search technology, such as SharePoint.

What's more, with analysts predicting high employee turnover in 2010, some workforces will become permanently dispersed. Organizations need to have knowledge retention plans in place to capture employees' collective knowledge before they leave.

As content management consultant Chris Brown told us in a podcast in October, new social knowledge management technologies can provide organizations the ability to retain this knowledge, and use knowledge assets in ways that help employees collaborate and be more productive.

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