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Inmagic Year in Review 2009 and Predictions 2010: What defined this year and what will shape the next

This year's headlines, comment threads, Twitter chats, online searches, and offline discussions tell us a lot about what's dominated our attention and defined our work as information professionals for the past 365 days. They reveal our passions, goals, trials, tribulations, and successes of 2009. And with the year coming to a close, we're going to look back on it all.

We'll reflect on the major trends, technologies, debates, controversies, and events of the year in our Inmagic Year in Review 2009 series. We'll revisit topics we found garnered a lot of engagement, including:
That's just a few of things that have made our list. We'll start revisiting each topic in turn throughout the month. We also want to open the floor to your input. What do you think topped 2009? What deserves another mention, a grand finale? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

And no year in review is complete without a look at the year ahead. So we'll also be putting our best thoughts forward in our Inmagic Predictions 2010 series. Based on our customer interactions and deployments, discussions with industry peers, and observations of 2009's techs and trends, we'll forecast the knowledge management market for 2010. Our aim is to shed light on the budding trends that promise to grow, early technologies due to take off, and innovative ideas expected to become viable solutions.

Our first recap post will hit the blog later this week.

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