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Prove E2.0's benefits by first focusing on a small use case

Last week, the SOCIALtality blog published a series on social media and enterprise 2.0 adoption. It featured an interview with Jacob Morgan, Principal of Chess Media Group; and Wendy Troupe, the blog's founder. I thought it nicely framed issues surrounding adoption.

In part 3 of the conversation, Morgan says, "You need to focus on use cases before deploying platform ... You need to speak in terms of 'supporting' rather than 'changing."

This brought to mind a key approach we've taken with our customers when implementing social knowledge networks: Demonstrate the benefits of E2.0 in a specific situation (use case) first. Then demonstrate additional uses of the platform. The good news is that for the second project, the investment is very low, so the ROI can be high. I unfolded this more in my comment.

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