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The S word by any other name is still just as sweet

The S word.
Andrew McAfee examined whether "social" is "a helpful or harmful word when talking to enterprises and their managers about the new digital tools and the business practices that make use of them?" in a recent blog post. And in my opinion (which I left in the comments), it’s not about what we call it, but how we use it that counts.

Don't get me wrong -- I think debating, critiquing, revising, and renaming is a healthy exercise. But what to call this "social-ness" is not as important as how companies are going to execute around it.

More real world examples of how enterprise 2.0/social/collaborative software is being used and to what benefit would help the name issue enormously. Remember, all sorts of good things have some really bad names.

But as the brand develops around a name or concept, the debate switches from whether the name is good or bad, and moves to whether the concept is working or not. So let’s promote real benefits by real companies solving real problems. And my bet is that the naming thing will take care of itself.

You’ll notice there are many companies with their heads down, going through the trial and error process of finding out how E2.0 is going to work for them. They’re less likely to be engaged in the debate of what it is, because they are in the process of defining it for themselves, and reaping its benefits.

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