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Today's collaboration imperative: a podcast with Patti Anklam

Collaboration and teaming are nothing new to the enterprise. But according to many knowledge management professionals, including Patti Anklam, today's information overload has made collaboration and teaming more crucial to organizational effectiveness and competitiveness than ever before.

Patti is an independent consultant focusing on collaboration practices, social network analysis, value network analysis, and knowledge management systems strategy and architecture. She's also the author of "Net Work: A Practical Guide to Creating and Sustaining Networks at Work and in the World." We talked to her recently to unfold why there's such an imperative for organizations to adopt a more collaborative approach to business.

"Work now is so complex ... there's a lot of interdepency in knowledge and in work, that it's not possible for everyone to know everything they need to know in order to complete the constructive project," Patti says in our podcast.

Patti developed a theory she calls the Three KMs -- Big KM, Little KM, and Personal KM. These buckets are how she defines knowledge management. She talks more about them in our podcast, explaining how they are inter-related and feed into one another.

Patti also shares some of her core pieces of advice that she is consistently dispensing to organizations as they implement new collaboration strategies. A couple of these include the need to have senior management support and the need to develop a well-thought-out plan for introducing new technologies into the organization.

Looking ahead to 2010, Patti says, "It's all about social media ... The knowledge management community and vendors that support knowledge management, collaboration, and so on, are really looking at how do we integrate the best of social media ... in a way that supports how people work, and is not an extra."

Patti shares some examples of companies she's working with that are using social media behind the firewall, how they've made it work, and how they've addressed security and privacy issues that can arise.

For this and more from Patti, tune in to our podcast.

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