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Enterprise 2.0: A pitch for every professional

Enterprise 2.0 is used by various levels of an organization differently. While a CEO might use it to drive innovation, a CIO might use it to increase security. Alex Williams covered this on ReadWriteWeb on Monday, pointing out that different "elevator pitches" are required when advocating E2.0 to CEOs, CIOs, HR, middle managers, and experts.

As I wrote in my comment, I thought he provided an interesting overview, because it tells me a few things. One, it confirms that E2.0 is not a one size fits all solution across organizations, nor is it a one-size-fits-all solution within an organization. Now that’s something to chew on when you’re thinking about deploying an E2.0 solution. It’s not like the big purchases of yore (ECM, CRM, BI), which have large footprints and are typically standard across departments.

E2.0 is a different entity altogether, and should be implemented, used, and managed as such. At Inmagic, we talk about E2.0 in terms of social knowledge networks (SKNs), as many of you know. A SKN is a highly fluid collaboration and knowledge sharing application which can be dropped into a department (or departments) and tweaked with relative ease to that department’s needs. End-user friendliness is a key aspect for communities that want to get up and running quickly without intervention from IT.

The best technologies -- and those that have the best E2.0 pitches -- will be flexible and transparent, and create a social business through cross-departmental and organizational collaboration.

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