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Gil Yehuda: How to prepare your business for Enterprise 2.0 in 2010

Many of us make New Year's resolutions for our personal lives. Lose weight. Hit the gym. Finish the basement. But have you made one for your business? If you've been hearing about how other companies are using Enterprise 2.0 to improve its business efficiency and bottom line -- perhaps trying to understand what Enterprise 2.0 is all about and how it could benefit your organization -- now might be a good time to resolve to get the ball moving on E2.0.

The best place to start is at the beginning. Gil Yehuda, an Enterprise 2.0 analyst and consultant, lays out the first step in our podcast above. Preparing for it means understanding it first.

Our conversation unfolded several other points to consider in the new year for those interested in starting and improving their E2.0 strategy, including a great way to define Enterprise 2.0, which has been hotly contested. Gil's approach is to think of it like furniture.

"You go to a furniture store, you can't buy a furniture," Gil says. "You buy a chair, a table, a desk, or a bed -- based on what you really need. Furniture is a concept that organizes all those things. Similarly with Enterprise 2.0, it's a concept that organizes all these different tools and behaviors that helps us solve problems in a new way. But each one is different than the others. So you first need to figure out what you need and how it fits into your business floor plan."

There's no shortage of tools and advice out there. Gil believes the onus is on vendors to focus their products and services around addressing specific business needs, which will help the market mature. Some early E2.0 adopters already have lessons to share, and Gil gives us insight into what he sees is working well for E2.0 organizations, and what's not working so well.

Click play to hear it all first-hand.

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