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Inmagic's updated Web site: Sneak peek at new features

Eat right. Exercise. Get organized. Update Web site.

That's right, we all have our resolutions, and ours includes, which has gotten something of a face lift to kick off the new year. Nothing drastic, but a few nips and tucks that more accurately reflect the company's messaging and position in the market.

It is a work in progress (aren't we all?), and as we continue to work toward a more complete overhaul in the coming months, we thought you might be interested in viewing some of the recent improvements:

  • A cleaner, simpler, and more visually appealing look-and-feel
  • A new navigation bar that makes it easier to identify and access the solutions you need, including:

    • A clearer delineation between enterprise solutions and library solutions
    • A drop-down menu for the vertical industries that enables users to "self select" based on their industry

  • Fast access to our social and Enterprise 2.0 efforts, including our blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook fan page
  • An "Industries Overview" section that details Inmagic's aptitude and history in serving specific markets, including Aerospace and Defense, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Government, and others

You'll find many other improvements throughout the site, including updated text and graphics, easier navigation from the sidebars, and more.

Love it? Hate it? Take a look and let us know what you think! This is a living project, and we're happy to take into consideration your comments and suggestions. Either way, we hope you like it and we look forward to your feedback!

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