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Make Enterprise 2.0 fun?

Bill Ives penned a blog post about how to put more fun into Enterprise 2.0 to promote adoption. I agree that with the basic premise that if it's fun, then more people will use it. However, I think we need to be careful of two fronts:

1. If the fun creeps into the sales pitch, you are doomed.
Buyers are already skeptical about E2.0 initiatives. If we pitch it as fun, they will walk you out the door.

2. Fun walks a thin-line between an implementation best practice (excellent idea) and a gimmick to promote usage (bad idea). We do not need gimmicks or side communities that provide no business value. We need creative ways to engage users so that they can perform their jobs more effectively and do it in a more lighthearted (fun) way.

I truly believe that the fun in the a good E2.0 system will mostly come from the users. I love to laugh with friends on Facebook, but gimmicks run the risk of being laughed at by your business colleagues.

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