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Sizing up the Enterprise 2.0 revolution

Andrew McAfee's post about using the word "social" when describing the benefits and possibilities of Enterprise 2.0 has sparked a lot of discussion on his blog. And earlier this week, he continued the conversation with another post that asks, "Do we agree that a social revolution is taking place in business today? That corporate hierarchies are being replaced by self-organizing and -governing networks?"

As I wrote in the comments, I do not believe that E2.0 will create a revolution where "corporate hierarchies are being replaced by self-organizing and -governing networks." That would be Management 2.0 (or lack thereof).

However, I do believe that E2.0 is creating a revolution in information flow and among enterprise software companies. In the companies that we work with, E2.0 is a big deal because it changes the way people work and how productive they are. It's a big deal to them, and that's what counts.

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