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2010's collaboration imperative: Where social technology and enterprise content collide

The editors of ITBusinessEdge invited me to contribute an article about my perspectives on business collaboration software. Specifically, how companies can enable faster, more cost-effective sharing, teaming, and learning among employees using social media technology inside the firewall. It's live on their Web site now, and you can hop over to give it a read.

For organizations interested in using social tools to cost-effectively improve collaboration, it’s crucial to connect the social technology directly to where collaboration occurs: enterprise content. I unfold this more in my article. Thanks to the editors for taking my piece.

MEET ME IN THE MIDDLE: Collaboration is on many business leaders' agendas


Avery said...

This is an excellent overview of current enterprise collaboration. I think progress is imperative in 2010 because of how disrupted our business and financial infrastructures became thanks to poor regulation, and limited leadership- the impact of poor choices. Thanks for the post. Here is an "off the shelf" example of how companies can on a tight budget achieve community wisdom and still maintain security inside their fire wall:

Mike Cassettari said...

Thank you for the comment. Looks like we are seeing similar challenges in the industry, which only reinforces the need to reevaluate how we access, manage, and socialize our collective knowledge across the enterprise.


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