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AIIM points out three-step approach to Enterprise 2.0 and collaboration strategies

Collaboration is the new enterprise manta. But it's important to take a hard look at all the buzz, and recognize what the real take-aways are. Bob Larrivee covered this recently on the AIIM Knowledge Resource Blog, asserting, "Collaboration, like ECM, is not purely a set of technologies that will inherently move an organization to collaborate. In fact we do not need technology to collaborate but it does make it easier and simpler. Collaboration requires a cultural mindset and managerial support that fosters one to be open and share information and knowledge."

I think this paints a three-step approach to an E2.0/collaboration strategy:

1. STOP. Identify your organization's business goals and requirements.

2. COLLABORATE. Foster a culture of sharing knowledge and collaborating. This starts in the C-suite.

3. AND LISTEN. Probably the most important of the three, understand collaboration means to your organization.

I think Bob is spot-on when he speaks of "a portal without purpose was a portal failed." How true with any technology, process, or business for that matter, as we saw with the Internet bubble. And even though people need time and experience to apply E2.0 and find their own way of collaborating, there still needs to be an end goal, or purpose to bring it full circle.

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