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Economy accelerating cost-effective collaboration solutions across sectors

There have been more 2009 recaps and 2010 predictions than you might care to count. However, Paula Hane's Review of the Year 2009 series (part one, part two) caught my eye on InfoToday. Partly because InfoToday is geared towards info pros in the library space, a community Inmagic has been a part of for more than 25 years.

But also because I think it's interesting that technology trends in a relatively niche market, such as the library space, are a fairly accurate representation of the broader enterprise market at large.

In some capacity, we're all dealing with the mobile Web, enterprise social networking, open source solutions, book digitization, cloud computing, information overload, etc. It just goes to show that the impact of two important e's of 2009 (economy and E2.0) do not discriminate, and have actually affected us all in similar ways: How do we do more with less; get creative to drive revenues; and use technology to improve people, processes, and competitive advantage?

In part two of Paula's series, again the "what's hot/what's not" is very apropos across industries. HOT: adoption of E2.0 tools, collaboration, and discovery. NOT: desktop PCs, e-mail, and fax machines. These issues can be seen in pharma, engineering, financial services, government, etc. AND in practices within those industries, such as competitive intelligence, marketing, product development, innovation, etc.

In general, we "want what we want, and want it now," no matter where you hang your hat. With mobile apps on the rise, there is a certain level of expectation about information access. Paula's series confirms that expectations are carrying over into the enterprise, where being held back by information silos, old technology, or antiquated business processes is no longer acceptable.

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