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Info Pro-file: Ginger Richards on E2.0 buy-in and a world without e-mail

Is it possible? No more e-mail? In about 10 years, yes, says Ginger Richards. She's a Knowledge Management Specialist in Washington, D.C. We recently got acquainted with her for an Info Pro-file podcast.

We covered the bases in our interview, from what she's focusing on in her day-to-day, to how she sees Enterprise 2.0 affecting librarians, to her objectives for 2010.

In another decade, she sees our primary form of communication not as e-mail, but as forums and meeting settings where people can collaborate online in real time. She cautions, however, that weaning people off e-mail will be no easy task. It will be an E2.0 challenge of the future. But for now, the biggest hurdle around E2.0 is buy-in. Her advice?

"My approach is to communicate and follow up ... because the less informed they [employees] feel, the less power they feel they have in the whole process," says Ginger. "So it's keeping people posted about what is happening and how they're involved in it."

As Enterprise 2.0 tools and practices take hold, Ginger believes librarians have a crucial role to play: Be an advocate. She drills into it more in our interview.

Ginger was also a panelist at the Gilbane Boston Conference in December, and she reflects on the show and how her presentation went. She also talks about the importance of context and control when linking knowledge producers and knowledge consumers. Ginger explains that while we need to create metadata, we also need to control the process of adding it to core knowledge repositories.

Click play for all the details from Ginger.

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