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Meet the Team: Bob Warren, VP Products, on where Inmagic and Presto are heading in 2010

Inmagic's family continues to grow, and one of our latest additions is Bob Warren, VP of Products. Although we issued a press release to announce his hiring back in December, there's only so much you can learn about a guy from reading a few paragraphs about him.

So we thought we'd acquaint you with Bob through a podcast. Janelle stole him away from his desk for a few minutes to talk about the fresh perspectives and new ideas he'll be bringing to the team.

Roll the tape to hear them talk about what's on his to-do list for 2010, and what types of organizations he sees using social knowledge networks and Presto the most this year.

Bob and Janelle also discuss his predictions for how knowledge management will evolve inside the firewall, the biggest challenges to social knowledge management and Enterprise 2.0 adoption, and what Inmagic will be doing to help customers overcome those obstacles in 2010.

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