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Top global news publisher drives collaboration and editorial production with Presto social knowledge network

Journalism's hallmark is uncovering the truth. And now, for one major global news publisher, uncovering the truth is powered by the "single source of truth" provided by Presto. The publisher, which puts out one of the country's top weekly news magazines, is using Presto to store, organize, and share research materials, archived articles, and other data crucial to its reporting and editorial production.

Presto serves as the publisher's research center. Journalists and editors are finding that Presto is helping to drive collaboration and improve organizational productivity, as they fully utilize its social technologies, such as wikis, blogs, social tagging, and ratings.

That's just a peek into the benefits the publisher is now realizing since implementing Presto. We've documented the publisher's complete story in a case study, which we welcome you to read, download, and share with colleagues.

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