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Vertical Views: How eight industries are using Presto to drive collaboration, productivity, and organizational effectiveness

In our information-driven world, success for many organizations is increasingly a function of how robust and accurate your enterprise knowledge is, and how efficiently employees can find and use it. We need the right data at the right time to do our jobs well.

That's something nearly all industries can agree with. In our experience working with thousands of organizations over the past 25 years, we've found success largely depends on being able to quickly find and act on knowledge assets.

The process for doing so varies across organizations, as does the way knowledge is managed, depending on the organization's needs, challenges, and pain points. However, we have found similarities among companies within the same industry, due to common factors they are all dealing with, such as economics, policies, and regulation standards.

Some of these organizations have used Presto to manage their knowledge assets. And while our team taught them the technology and how to use it, they in turn have shown us other ways Presto has become a crucial part of their business. Indeed, many of our Presto deployments are joint innovations.

So we thought, let's share what we've learned. Organizations using Presto today are laying the groundwork for other organizations that are interested in understanding how it can be used in their business, and whether it's right for them in the first place.

Most of our Presto deployments have focused around eight major industries:
  • Aerospace and aerocraft manufacturing
  • Biotechnology
  • Consumer goods
  • Engineering
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Technology and electronics
We've put together our research and knowledge of these industries, identified pain points and challenges keeping business leaders up at night, and crystallized how social knowledge networks, specifically Presto, can and has addressed them.

We'll be rolling this out on the blog over the coming weeks in a new series, "Vertical Views." If you're part of one these industries, you'll learn how others are paving a new path to collaboration, productivity, and operational effectiveness with Presto. And even if you're not part of one of these industries, you'll gain a better understanding of how businesses are benefiting from Presto across the board.

I'm looking forward to kicking off this series and getting your feedback on what organizations like yours are doing with Presto. Check back soon for our first post, or bookmark this link to the series.

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