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Breaking information silos is key for life sciences organizations

If the economic crisis has demonstrated anything to us, it's that departments and projects of nearly every variety are being scrutinized for their value. In our customer interactions, we're seeing how information managers must increasingly justify their expenditures.

This is something IDC analyst Dr. Alan S. Louie is also seeing and covering in his work studying life sciences organizations. In a recent blog post, he wrote about how "information, not infrastructure, is the key success factor." Life sciences companies are targeting information sharing and elimination of information silos in their strategic initiatives.

It brought to mind one of our blog series, How to Cost Justify Your Social Knowledge Network Needs. We covered how Social Knowledge Networks can address the complexities inherent in information sharing -- management of which is essential to improving strategic decision-making, increasing productivity, and reducing costs.

As organizations grapple with essential cost reductions, they are revisiting their old business models from every angle, and turning to better data management to increase productivity, produce the related operating cost reductions, and remain competitive.

For more of Dr. Louie's perspective on eliminating information silos in life sciences organizations, I'd encourage your to turn to his post.

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