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Canadian city manages and shares its digital archives online with Presto

Any government organization with a special library collection is likely managing large volumes of archived digital material, including documents, images, audio clips, and more. If you've spent time on a government body's information management team, you're all too familiar with the work required to organize and search content.

For the capital city of one Canadian province, this was a job that required the resources of four to five professionals. The city came to Inmagic looking for a way to more efficiently manage its digital archives and make them widely available to the public, while reducing IT costs and dependency.

We helped the city create a new Web site with Presto where they can easily store multiple types of digital archives, including high-resolution images, documents, journals, and audio. Just one person is required to manage the system. And now, the city -- including its historians, writers, educators, students, media, government employees, engineers, and more -- can easily search and use tens of thousands of previously inaccessible archived files.

We put together a case study detailing the Canadian city's experience with Presto. Give it a read to get the full story on the city's technological requirements, how we worked together to develop a solution, and the results the city has found since deploying Presto.

IN THE BOOKS: Canadian city deploys Presto

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