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Meet the Team: Kathy Walsh from the Inmagic marketing department

Kathy Walsh is one of our newest Inmagic members, and someone I've personally known since my days at Information Resources Inc. We had worked together there in our past lives, and have rejoined here at Inmagic on the marketing team.

Kathy is a Product Marketing Specialist for the company now, and Janelle got acquainted with her for a Meet the Team podcast last week.

Kathy is focusing on researching and understanding the knowledge management needs of various industries around the globe. We'll be using her findings as part of our initiative to gather industry data and customer feedback to incorporate into our upcoming Presto products.

Hit play to hear more about Kathy's professional background, what she's doing at Inmagic, her thoughts on where Inmagic is heading, her goals for her personal career, and other tidbits about Kathy. Enjoy!

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