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Pharmaceutical's KM challenges come to light at Center for Business Intelligence conference

LOOKING INSIDE: Pharma's KM challenges surface
A few weeks ago, The Center for Business Intelligence held its Bio/Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Forum on Knowledge Management for Medical Affairs. Keynoting the conference was Gil Yehuda, who talked about social media's implications on bio/pharmaceutical organizations today. He's posted his thoughts on his blog, and you can read part 1 and part 2 of his reaction there. It includes notes he took and conclusions he's drawn based on the sessions presented.

An interesting thing Gil brings to light is that pharmaceutical companies have an abundance of information in their organizations, but need better ways to leverage it. "Some of the speakers and participants were expanding their practice to meet new challenges. But some were stuck in regressive, doomed mindsets, known to fail," he writes.

From Gil's assessment, it seems a major challenge among pharmaceuticals is knowledge retention. Companies are grappling with how to manage knowledge throughout an enterprise's life cycle so that it persists for future generations, while adhering to legal policy. For more from Gil, hit his blog.

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