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Bill Ives reviews Presto 3.3 on The AppGap

REVIEWED: Bill Ives evaluates Presto 3.3
We launched our latest Presto release, version 3.3 a couple weeks ago. Around that time, Phil and I had a conversation with AppGap blogger and KM thought leader, Bill Ives. We updated Bill on what's changed since the last version of Presto, which he covered last May.

He wrote an article on The AppGap yesterday with his feedback on Presto 3.3. He gave a nod to our SharePoint integration, saying, "I like their enhancements, as Presto 3.3 should bring the transparency benefits of Enterprise 2.0 to more people at a greater speed."

But don't just take my word for it. Flip over to his review for his complete commentary, and to see the screen shots he captured from our demonstration. And thanks to Bill for the review.

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