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CIL 2010 notes: SOPAC and OPAC take aways

Paula Hane's coverage of Phil's presentation
We had a great turnout for our CIL 2010 presentation the other week, From OPAC to SOPAC: Steps to a Social Library. Our CTO Phil Green was joined on stage by one of our customers, Mark Patrick, Managing Librarian for the Revs Institute for Automotive Research, to talk about how to socialize your library and move from an OPAC to a SOPAC (social online access public catalog).

Phil defined SOPACs, and explained how they can accelerate information discovery and transfer. Mark followed up by talking about how he's using Presto for Social Libraries as the public interface to his organization's collection of historical automobile photos.

Matt Phillips's notes from Phil's presentation
Some bloggers who attended the presentation have posted their notes online. So if you weren't able to make it, all is not lost!! Editor Paula Hane summed up the salient points from our presentation on the Information Today blog, She also captured a quote from Mark: "'Our experience with Presto has been fantastic ... Information discovery is synaptic (non-linear), digital, and social.'"

And librarian Matt Phillips provided his feedback on his blog, saying, "There is a new model for library catalogs. Users want to contribute. We can benefit from their contributions but we will need to moderate. A SOPAC allows us to do just that."

Hit their posts to read their thoughts in full.

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